Thursday, 19 September

A Taliban truck bomb killed at least 39 people and wounded 140 when it exploded near a hospital in the southern province of Zabul on Thursday. Zabul governor said the target of the attack in the city of Qalat was a building of the intelligence services, but a nearby hospital was destroyed in the blast.

Conflicting reports also emerged about civilian causalities after a drone attack in a mountains area of Khogyani district of eastern Nangarhar province. IS militants were the target of the drone attack but the regional governor admitted civilians were also hit.


Karzai called for Resumption of Taliban-US & Intra- Afghan Talks
Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan former president called on the United States to resume peace talks with the Taliban and said that the peace talks should be transparent, clear and aimed at restoration of peace in Afghanistan. He also urged the Taliban to start an intra-Afghan dialogue as soon as possible. He welcomed the Taliban move of visiting Moscow and Iran and called on regional countries to play their role in the restoration of peace and end of the war in Afghanistan.


Wednsday, 18 September

Torkham Pass Officially Opened 24/7
Pakistani officials inaugurated Torkham crossing new business hours making it open to traffic 24/7 hours. Every day hundreds of trucks carrying commercial goods cross this gate on the de facto Durand Line. Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce welcomed the move and told the media that 24 hours opening of Torkham gate will help the trade to grow between the two countries. Khan Jan Alkozai, deputy head Afghan Chamber of Commerce said that till now hundreds of goods trucks remained in both sides of the gate, now it will help to process transit and visa process smoothly. The level of trade between Afghanistan and Pakistan also decreased from $3 billion to around $1 billion. It is believed that with 24/7 opening of Torkham pass, the trade will boost. Thousands of Afghans are crossing Torkham pass every day going mostly for medical treatment and work.

Global Reaction to Parwan-Kabul Attacks
The United States has strongly condemned the Taliban’s attacks targeting people in an election rally in Parwan and Kabul city. At least 48 people were killed, 80 others wounded in both attacks, mostly civilians. The White House Press Office in a statement said that the President has made clear that he will not negotiate a peace agreement while the Taliban continues such attacks. Meanwhile, the UN Secretary-General and several other countries envoys at the UNSC also strongly condemn yesterday’s attacks. At the same time, the Taliban once again warned that school staff across the country to not take part in any election-related gathering and do not allow using schools as polling stations.


Tuesday, 17 September

Taliban ask Trump resume Peace Talks

Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai, Taliban’s chief negotiator in an exclusive interview with the BBC urged resumption of peace talks with the Americans. Mr. Stanikzai said that the Taliban were still committed to peace talks insisting that negotiations should be the only solution to the Afghan crisis. Mr. Stanekzai highlighted that in case an agreement is signed they will immediately enter into a ceasefire with the Americans.



Monday, 16 September

Afghanistan is The Deadliest Conflict in the World:

A BBC’s research suggested that more civilians died in Afghanistan in the month of August than civilian deaths recorded in Syria and Yemen combined in Auguts. The reported published on its website suggested that the war in Afghanistan was deadlier than previously thought and was affecting almost every part of the country. According to the report 2307 people died (473 of them were civilians) and 1948 were injured in over 600 security incidents meaning 75 people die every day.


Sunday, 15 September 2019

ICRC Resumed Activities After Taliban Greenlight

The Afghan Taliban said it’s lifting a ban on the International Committee of the Red Cross and will allow its staff to carry out humanitarian work safely. The Taliban imposed the ban in April. Last year, the ICRC closed two offices in Afghanistan after seven workers were killed. In a statement released on Sunday morning the Taliban said that ’’following continuous contacts and discussions between officials of the Islamic Emirate and heads of ICRC in the capital of Qatar, Doha, both parties consented to following the old agreement on top of new promises in humanitarian aid leading to the Islamic Emirate granting ICRC permission of resuming their activities.’’

Latest Readiness for Election

Afghanistan’s Independent Election Commission, IEC, said by the end of that day all election-related materials were reaching all 34 provincial capitals. Meanwhile, the spokespersons of MOI and MOD briefed the press on the election security, saying they were ready to secure the polling centers they were agreed upon with electoral commissions.


Saturday, 14 September

A negotiating team from the Taliban’s Doha office traveled to Moscow, a week after U.S. President Donald Trump called off the peace deal with the Taliban. Reports said the delegation had held consultations with Zamir Kabulov, President Vladimir Putin’s envoy for Afghanistan. Sher Mohammad Abas Stanekzai, head of the delegation had told Russia Today that they were still keen to peace if the U.S officials agreed on. He had added, if the U.S does not want peace, they could fight for another 100 years.



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