Friday, 12 September:

President Trump’s Afghanistan envoy has been ordered to testify to a US Congressional committee after the abrupt cancellation of talks with the Taliban. The chairman of the House of Representatives’ Foreign Affairs Committee, Eliot Engel, said he signed a subpoena to compel Zalmay Khalilzad to appear next Thursday after requests for briefings about the Afghan peace plan were repeatedly ignored. The legally binding order came days after President Trump revealed that he’d arranged but then canceled talks with the Taliban at his Camp David presidential retreat.


Wednesday, 11 September: 

The Afghan defence ministry says the government has re-captured Kiran-o-Munjan district of the northern Badakhshan province. A statement says Taliban were pushed back after people with the support of ANSF stand against insurgents. There is no comment from local officials and Taliban if confirmed this is the third district of Badakhshan recaptured by the Afghan forces within a week. Yamgan and Warduj districts were retaken after 4 years of Taliban control. The three districts were known to be the hub of militants from Central Asia including Chinese Uyghurs, loyal to the Taliban and Al-Qaida.

Afghan Forces Intensify Attacks on Taliban

Afghan Defence ministry has announced they have intensified attacks against Taliban positions in the north and south of the country claiming to have killed hundreds of Taliban fighters including some of their key commanders. Taliban, however, have strongly rejected the numbers announced on a daily basis by Afghan government. The ministry in a statement has said in the last 24 hours they have had 15 operations engaging 29 airstrikes.


Tuesday, 10 September:


The Taliban have condemned Donald Trump’s decision to scrap Afghan peace talks, warning that the United States will lose the most as a result.  A statement by the militant group said withdrawal from the peace process showed a lack of maturity and experience.

Taliban Capture Two Northern Districts

Local officials in the North-eastern Takhar province have confirmed that the Taliban insurgents have captured Yangi Qala district, after heavy fighting. The pictures shared on social media show some of Taliban fighters raising the group’s flag on the main square of the city. Officials say the district was surrounded by Taliban in recent days. Abdul Manaf Faizi Yangi Qala district governor said Afghan forces withdraw the district last night. Local people and local sources in Darqad another district of Takhar confirmed to BBC that the Taliban has just captured the center of the district. Government officials have not confirmed Darqad fall yet.  No details about possible casualties too. Meanwhile, intense fighting is continuing in Khaja Ghar district of Takhar, Baghlan and Badakhshan provinces.

Ashura Under high threat and tight security:

Ashura,10th of Muharram, ceremonies held without any violent incident and under tight security measures across the country. After several attacks in 2017 and 2018 on Ashura gatherings, the government armed and paid guards at most of the Shia mosques and other religious buildings and places in an attempt to thwart attacks. Those guards have stayed in place throughout the year and have now been boosted in some places by volunteer guards, chosen by the mosques, in coordination with the local police.  But still, people fears to attend ceremonies of commemorating Ashura.


Monday, 09 September:


The Taliban have condemned Donald Trump’s decision to scrap Afghan peace talks, warning that the United States will lose the most as a result.  A statement by the militant group said withdrawal from the peace process showed a lack of maturity and experience.

CEO Abdullah: Peace Talks Back to Square One

Afghan CEO Abdullah Abdullah says the chance of reaching peace in Afghanistan has been lost.  Mr. Abddulah was addressing the audience in the official ceremony marking the 18th death anniversary of Commander Ahmad Shah Masoud the slain leader of anti-Taliban northern alliance.  It came after US president recent announcement calling off US-Taliban negotiations that was about to reach a final deal. The anniversary is observed under tight security in the Capital Kabul, while convoys of the mourners’ are moving around the city. A roadside bomb hit a convoy of the mourners, wounding at least three people. Despite prior warnings by police hundreds of Masoud supporters and some of them with machine guns have been marching on streets of Kabul. Ministry of defence has reported one soldier from Kabul garrison was shot dead by the marchers as they attempted to stop the convoy for search.

Taliban Stormed Takhar Province’s Districts

Taliban have launched multiple attacks on two districts of Takhar bordering Tajikistan in the north. Afghan officials say Taliban attacks on Khowaja Ghar and Yangi Qala are pushed back but fighting is still ongoing. Khowaja Ghar district governor confirms that six Afghan soldiers have been killed or wounded. Meanwhile, officials claim that around 30 insurgents including Taliban Special forces (Red Unit) commander were killed or wounded. Police says additional troops are deployed. Taliban claim that they have got full control of Khowja Ghar district.


Sunday, 08 September:


The Afghan President, Ashraf Ghani, has responded to President Trump’s announcement that he’s scrapping peace negotiations with the Taliban. In a statement, he said real peace was only possible when the Taliban stopped fighting and agreed to direct talks with the Afghan government. Earlier, President Trump revealed on Twitter that he was canceling a secret meeting with Taliban leaders at Camp David because the militants had just carried out an attack in Kabul in which a US soldier died.

Earlier, President Trump revealed on Twitter that he was canceling a secret meeting with Taliban leaders at Camp David because of the militants had just carried out an attack in Kabul in which a US soldier died. His tweet was surprising for the Taliban and the government as well the ordinary people of Afghanistan. A Taliban source said the members of the group political office in Qatar would hold urgent meeting about US president’s decision soon. The announcement was received with disappointment by many Afghans, our reporters were on the road and people said it undermined the optimism for some sort of reduction in violence in case of the potential deal. It also angered some Afghans why Trump highlighted the death of one American soldier most of the casualties on Thursday were Afghans and so are in other parts of the country on daily basis.

Strategic Dasht-e-Archi District Falls:

Local officials have confirmed to the BBC that the strategic district of Dasht-e-Archi district of northeastern Kunduz province fell into the hands of the Taliban early hours of the morning. Enamuddin Rahmani Kunduz prolice spokesperson told the BBC, Afghan forces opted for a tactical withdrawal. Meanwhile, in northern Baghlan province the Taliban have established checkpoints on the main highways and check every single car and passenger buses looking for government employees. This follows fresh insecurity and Taliban attacks on major highways in Afghanistan. Two days ago insurgents took off and killed the head Human rights commission for Ghor province in Jalriz district of Maidan Wardak.


Saturday, 07 September:

Minister Roughed UP Inside Presidential Palace

Ministry of Haj has expressed concern over ‘physical and verbal insult’ of acting Hajj Minister Abdul Hakim Munib inside presidential palace mosque by former MP and his close people yesterday. In a statement, the Hajj Ministry said, Mr. Munib had come to  attend Jumma prayer (Friday Pryer) in the Palace Mosque and so had former MP Mulla Tarakhel who is an influential clergy and supporter of President Ghani. Mula Tarakhel and his bodyguards have also been involved in physical violence of police a street of Kabul in the past. The Hajj Minister is appearing in a press conference today. Mr. Tarakhel said that he will response to media later today.

Govt Re-Captures  Wardoj After Five Years

Afghan Security and Defence Forces have re-captured the strategic Wardooj District of North-Eastern Badakshan Province after five year. The Defence Ministry announced today that they pushed back the Taliban from the district, killing their shadow governor along with their 100 local and foreign fighters. The Taliban have yet to be commented.

Islamabad Tripartite Meeting Discussing Afghan Peace

High level tripartite meeting of Afghanistan Pakistan and China top officials in Islamabad is taking place today. This is the 3rd Round of Foreign Ministers’ Dialogue. Afghan Foreign Minister Salahudin Rabani is heading the Afghanistan’s delegation. The meeting comes amid of the U.S and the Taliban possible peace deal which may sign in Doha.  Extension of flagship China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) to Afghanistan and ongoing Afghan reconciliation process are parts of the agenda, according to Pakistani media.


Friday, 06 September

President Ghani was to Visit USA

A reliable source inside the Presidential Palace of Afghanistan confirmed to the BBC that President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani is leaving to Washington on Saturday, 7th of September. President Ghani is going to meet his US counterpart Donald Trump regarding his concerns over the U.S and the Taliban possible peace deal. At the same time, US chief negotiator Zalmay Khalilzad resumed talks with the Taliban in Doha last night. Both sides are in the verge of an agreement to be signed in Doha. Meanwhile the Committee on Foreign Affairs of House of Representative of U.S invites Mr. Khalilzad to elaborate his deal with the Taliban in an open session. We are looking into the latest of the news on the peace process.

The Taliban Enter Farah City

The Taliban have entered parts of Farah City in the west of Afghanistan and are fighting security and defence forces. Reports say that Taliban captured Army Recruitment Centre inside the city and moving forward. Mahyodin Khairkhw, Farah Police Chief says the police and other security forces are fighting back the Taliban on ground and from air. In last one week, this is the third city than Taliban entered into it. Kunduz and Pul-e-Khumri cities in the North-East of Afghanistan have also witnessed the Taliban and ANDSF fighting for a day.



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