Security officials brief Senate members about the security situation

Members of the Upper House (Members of Meshrano Jirga) summoned the heads of security bodies to seek clarification regarding sharp spike in militant attacks and civilian casualties in the country, Tolo News reported on its website. The lawmakers said that militants have been able to enter major cities where they carry out attacks on security force and civilian institutions. Responding to the senators’ concerns, the head of the National Directorate of Security (NDS), Mohammad Masum Stanekzai said that foreign countries have been the main factors behind the insecurity in the country. “Peace is not coming to the country because there is a clash of interest among some countries in Afghanistan,” the NDS chief said. Interior Minister Massoud Andarabi said that the Taliban have suffered heavy casualties in recent months. Yassin Zia, a deputy minister of defense, said: “When a checkpoint has 10 security personnel and it is attacked by 40 to 50 militants, it is obvious that we will have casualties. It also has a negative effect on our security personnel’s morale.” But the senators were not convinced with the replies.

Overall, detrioration of security in the country has been a serious cause of concern among the public. The ongoing wave of violence has resulted in public outrage as people emphasis on security institutions to wrest the situation.


MPs Brawl over Election of New Speaker continued

The 27 member committee, formed to resolve the dispute over election of the speaker for Wolesi Jirga or lower house, has failed to end the disagreements. The committee itself was indulged in dispute over their conclusion. The committee included representatives of both competitors and mediators.

The ongoing rift in Wolsie Jirga come on the back of months of tensions over election results which eroded the confidence of public in the election process. This new episode has furthered damaged public trust in the electoral process.

At least four killed in a blast in Ghazni province

At least four people have been killed and 15 others injured in a car bomb explosion in Ghazni province, officials told media.

Security officials have told the media that two policemen have been killed and five others injured; and among civilians, two people, including a child, have died and 10 others wounded in the blast.

The blast was caused by an explosive-laden Humvee in “PRT area” of the provincial capital, Ghazni city. The vehicle exploded when the police tried to apprehend the vehicle before it could reach its target, 1TV reported in a report on its English website.




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