The assassination of a female journalist rages public  

The assassination of a female journalist continued to dominate the news headlines and social media. A video of the slain journalist Mina Mangal’s mother was also circulated on the social media where -she blamed the deceased’s husband as the culprit while she mentioned that her in-laws had earlier abducted her. However, the mother said, the case was smothered by prosecutors after receiving a bribe from the accused family.

The case of the journalist has exposed so many problems all at once. First and foremost, after nearly two decades and investments of millions of dollars, the Gender-Based Violence (GBV) continue to challenge the safety and security of the Afghan women. Hence, there is a serious need for revisiting programs meant for elimination of GBV in Afghanistan. Secondly, the widespread corruption in the justice sector continuous to promote the culture of impunity in the society.

The incident has also been causing concerns for Kabulis. The insecurity in Kabul and other major cities have been caused serious concerns for the general public. The journalist was assassinated in a busy suburb merely a few kilometers away from the Presidential palace. Similarly, the increase in criminal activities in Kabul and Jalalabad, the center of Nangarhar province, has seriously concerned the public. Nevertheless, the acting Minister of Interior, Masoud Andrabi, in a conference today said that they have developed a new strategy to combat crime and insecurity in Kabul. However, unless some drastic changes in approach to policing are seen, the public’s trust is expected to remain at low.

The integrity of the development budget questioned     

Integrity Watch, an Afghan anti-corruption watchdog, launched budget credibility report today. The report suggests that the Afghan Government’s development budget spending cost codes deviated between 41% to 60% from the main allocation in the implementation phase. Integrity Watch has shown serious concern about the deviation from the actual allocations as it opens up the budget spending to misuse.

At a time that the public is concerned about the prevalent corruption, such news will damage the trust of the nation in the public finance management system. The Afghan Government and its ministry of Finance will have to ensure that there is transparency in budget management to uphold public confidence which has already been dwindling.

US diversion of Afghan military support budget to Mexico Wall become the talk of the town

The report that the Pentagon decided to divert USD 604 million from the Afghan military spending towards the construction of Mexico wall caused concern among the Afghan analysts. There has been a serious discussion that Afghanistan might be losing its place on the Trump Administration’s priority list. This news might encourage the opposition militant groups that they might be on the path of reinstating themselves. Hence, this may cause serious damage to the ongoing peace process.



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