Committees in Peace Loya-Jirga Concluded their Reports

The 51 committees of the Consultative Loya-Jirga have finalised their discussions and presented their conclusions. Requests for ceasefire with the Taliban, time-table for withdrawal of foreign forces, dismissing the black-lists for Taliban, releasing of Taliban prisoners and preserving the achievements of the last nearly two decades, safeguarding the constitution and national unity were amongst the recommendations of the committees. The recommendations will be reflected in a final statement expected to be announced tomorrow at the concluding ceremony.


Second Day of the US-Taliban Talks in Doha and Taliban’s diplomacy

The Afghan Taliban said its political leader has held meetings in Doha with senior politicians from Germany and Indonesia – as well as with the US envoy, Zalmay Khalilzad – to discuss peace in Afghanistan. Mr Khalilzad confirmed his meeting with the militants and his own meeting with Indonesia’s foreign minister. Analysts say the talks are focussing on the withdrawal of US troops and a guarantee that Afghanistan will not harbour international terrorists. Meanwhile, a four day public consultation on peace, the Loya Jirga, is drawing to a close in Kabul. According to a Taliban’s Press release, both sides are discussing their previous agenda which is the timetable of withdrawal of foreign troops and preventing Afghanistan from harming others. This morning the group tweeted saying German foreign minister met Mullah Beradar Taliban’s political deputy leader and head of Qatar office.


A Famous Shrine Destroyed in Ghazni

A famous shrine known as Shams in Ghazni city has been blown up by unknown gunmen. This is the fourth incident of its kind in Ghazni city in last few months. Ghazni city is also known as the capital of World’s Islamic Culture heritage for having been hub of the Ghaznavid and Timurid dynasties’ eras when Ghazni served as a major centre of Islamic Civilisations.


Rocket firing from across Durand line in Khost

Khost officials told the media that 4 civilian have been killed as a result of rocket fires from across Durand Line in Spera District of this province. This area is bordered with South Waziristan of Tribal Areas on Durand Line.


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