Women Appeal for Unconditional Ceasefire: Survey

Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) says women are the main victims of war, insisting on the role for them in the peace talks with the Taliban. AIHRC chairwoman, Sima Samar, says women do not want to have a symbolic presence in the peace negotiations. Women, interviewed on peace talks through a new survey by Afghanistan’s Independent Human Right Commission AIHRC, have called for an unconditional ceasefire as one of their demands for peace talks. The report, released today is based on the personal views and demands of nearly 6000 Afghans (Mostly Women) and has been conducted in 33 provinces of Afghanistan. Protection of human and women rights and active participation of Afghan women in the ongoing peace process are amongst other findings of the report. The report is to be shared with the participants of Consultative Loya-Jirga which has been scheduled to be commenced on Monday, 29th April.



MoD Claims to Have Cleared Bala Murghab

Afghanistan Defence Ministry says the last resistance of the Taliban insurgents was pushed back by ANDSF and the district is completely cleared from the insurgents last night. The ministry said in a press release that the life was back to normal in the area.



Preparations for the Consultative Peace  Loya Jirga

Preparations have been finalized for the consultative Loya Jira and arrival of participants is underway from provinces. Thousands of Afghan leaders hold ‘Loya Jirga’ meeting to discuss the war and US efforts to forge a peace deal with the Taliban. Some people are optimistic about the outcome of this Jirga and see it as a tool to pave way for durable peace, but some see it more of a campaign effort by President Ghani for the upcoming autumn presidential elections. Some political parties and influential figures have boycotted the grand gathering that the government calls the Largest Loya Jirga in recent years.


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