A new political party with members from the previous Karzai government and opposition has announced its formation in Kabul.

Afghanistan’s Former National Security Advisor Rangin Dadfar Spanta and Ex-Chief of Intelligence Agency Rahmatullah Nabil and few other figures from the previous administration addressed the formation announcement conference on 16 July.

Dr. Spanta, the former top government official questioned Afghanistan’s foreign policy towards Pakistan, the unsuccessful peace efforts and lack of democratization of the institutions by the administration as examples of previous Government’s policy shortcomings but insisted that these shortcomings were transformed into a disastrous institutionalized failure in Nation Unity Government (NUG).

Dr. Spanta, a close advisor to the former president Hamid Karzai, also severely criticized the United States of America for what he referred to as the inadequacies during the last nearly two decades. He said, “We should not transfer all the responsibility to foreigners to cover up our shortcomings; the same must be about the foreigners led by the US. They should not blame Afghans for their sever mistakes in fighting terrorism and state building process in Afghanistan.” 

Criticizing the NUG, especially President Ghani, he said the national and international consensus for supporting Afghanistan is diminishing and the global alliance for combating terrorism is obsolete now.

Rahmatullah Nabil, the former top spy was another member of this party who criticized the government and claimed that this government was putting achievements of the last one decade into the fear of vanishing. He said that a legitimate opposition was needed in Afghanistan and promised that the party will act as opposition and will try to revive the legitimacy of the government, justice and will fight what they called as absolutism and ethnic disputes.

Mr. Nabil claimed that a number of MPs and some influential figures were also part of the political movement. However, he did not reveal names of those.

Unwelcome by the context, even by the participants in the very first conference it seems the move was late in coming to presence. It was also obvious that the move was inspired by the former president Hamid Karzai’s close allies only to exert pressures on NUG to pave the way for implementing the upcoming agenda of the side-lined political groups and figures.

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